Passpork at the EPA Awards 2013


Passpork has been presented as a candidate for the EPA AWARDS 2013 (May 2013), the Project can be found at the following link. There are different categories for the awards, “best ongoing project”, “best ideas” and “best implemented projects”.

Given the current situation, month 9 of Passpork, the Consortium has applied for the “best ongoing project” category.The EPA will evaluate projects obtaining more visibility at the campaign’s site and the winners will have the chance to introduce the project to the scientific community, private companies, public entities and general industry.

There is a chance to present the idea at the “World Research and Innovation Congress” if the project gets selected and well evaluated.Projects have to be under the “Environment, consumers and health” or “Research, Innovation and Techonology” categories. The results will be soon published.

You can now submit your vote!