Passpork Poster


The general and non confidential poster of the Passpork Project has been released and it is now at your disposal. Ready to be printed and distributed. Thank you for your support.

Passpork Press Releases (Spanish)


Generic Passpork Press release announcing the main features of the Passpork solution, the objectives of the project and the description of the Consortium for the Spanish speaking media.


"Científicos catalanes desarrollan un sistema para prevenir enfermedades en la carne de cerdo"

Presenting Passpork at INNOVAC (Spain)


Escorxador de la Garrotxa SA (ESGA), the OTHER partner in the Consortium who is a pork slaughterhouse and processing plant located in the Girona province, initiated the “Workshops and Conferences” activities in a very early stage of the first period of Passpork, with the assistance of its third party NOEL...

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